How To Make Gravy ~ Paul Kelly

Sometimes gifts come out of the most unexpected places and at the most unpredictable moments — but that’s the gift of music and the treasure that is friendship even if just down a link or a through the ether that is our life these days.  After having this song brought back to mind by a very dear tumblr amiga and Goddesses, a whole flood of memories came with it.  Some much so I picked up the phone to chat with my son and then my step-daughter about the adventures in growing up and reminded them of how much love them, and much they’d taught me.  The ties that bind are good and strong may you have such in your lives and though tad late in the season this great tune is one that reminded me of how you CAN turn a life around and make gravy even it’s late enough to be New Year’s dinner!  Bless you all but especially a Mme Papillon!  

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    Ah, that put a smile on my face, Patrick… I am truly touched. This is a great live recording — different to the studio...
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    Our beloved Paul Kelly.
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