Hand In Hand ~ Elmore James

Just some of the fine old 12 bar gritty down to it Blues!  A fine bit of Elmore at his best for this sessions as my notes indicate ~ The recording sessions from February, 1963, which this version of “Hand In Hand” came from, was the first recordings made in Quadrophonic (4-track) stereo by Herb Abramson at his then “state of the art” recording studio in midtown Manhattan, in New York City. Kurt Loder referred to these sessions as providing “historic, breakthrough recordings” which influenced Punk Rock and Heavy Metal for the next thirty years.

So it’s the hands down selection for the Monday Got The Blues pick of the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner…..slide on down the road my dear Goddesses and Gawds of Tumblr…..where’o’where is Johnny Fever….

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