Tous les Garçons et Les Filles ~  Françoise Hardy

Summer is thawing me out…literally!  And that means time for our Summer’s Just The Best Tunes and Songs!?? Send the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner your choices, I might have them and will post up but always nice to read and hear what folks love or like!

This song always means my first time in Paris, falling in love, sitting at the edge of the bustling street traffic us huddled over the last dregs of wine and pouring out our hearts into the inky night streaked with glittering Paris and the million tears of parted lovers….C’est Magnifique?

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  5. a-rebel-without-applause answered: I love this song. French is such a language of lovers somehow to me
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    The rare Summer of Megadeth post that is actually right.
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    You know who wouldn’t have ruined Black Flag? Francoise Hardy.
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